“Questions we asked were answered in a straightforward manner.”


My wife and I were faced with the dilemma of tearing down our existing home and rebuilding from scratch, or a large scale renovation of the existing residence. We interviewed many contractors and we found it very difficult to find one that we could trust to execute a project of such a large scope. The experience with Alan Newton and Andon was very different from day one. Alan, walked us through the pros and cons of renovating our existing home versus rebuilding. He provided us with a clear “scope of work” document that describes the work that would be performed and a tentative project budget that in hindsight, very accurately approximated the project costs. Andon has a very reasonable payment structure where payments are due on the completion of milestones. Questions we asked were answered in a straightforward manner. Alan, earned our trust which is why we decided to proceed with Andon.

We met the rest of the Andon team after the contract was signed. We were particularly impressed with Rob, who was our project manager and main point of contact. I cannot say enough about how professional and responsive Rob was. He would answer questions day or night. He demonstrated his attention to detail throughout the entire project. I remember the care he took ensuring little finishes like the house numbering and towel racks were perfectly level and aligned. As expected during a large renovation, our scope expanded because several unforeseen complications arose and because we decided to tack on extras during construction. Rob handled deviations from the original plan calmly and was consistently well organized in engaging the right experts, articulating alternatives, estimating costs and limiting the impact to the schedule. It has been a year since the project completed and we moved back into our home. Usually after a major project, you expect a handful of lingering issues for things that did not get done quite right. We have had few issues which is a testament to Andon’s quality and workmanship. We get frequent compliments from our friends about how great our home looks from the outside and how luxurious it is on the inside. For the items in the initial scope of work, Andon actually came in under budget. Andon’s transparency and timeliness with costs and expenses reports ensured we kept track of how much the project was costing. Thank you Andon.