“The whole process was transparent and for us the trust factor is invaluable”


When my wife and I made the decision to tear down our old home and build a new one, we set out to find a builder we could trust to manage the process for us. We had no experience building a home, we led a busy life with 4 kids and didn’t have time to attempt to manage the process either. We researched a number of different approaches and talked to many different home owners who had recently been through the process. We were introduced to Alan by a neighbourhood handyman who had seen many homes that Andon had built over the years and was always impressed with their quality and durability. We talked to a variety of references and spent time with Alan reviewing his process. We found Alan’s approach the most financially transparent and “above board” and he promised to own managing the process from start to finish as well as standing behind it long after the keys were handed over. One of things that really impressed us were their trade references. Many of the trades we spoke to had been working with Alan for a decade or more and only had good things to say about their relationship. We assumed that happy trades make for good construction. We were not disappointed. When issues popped up – and they will – David and Alan dealt with them. My wife had designed some pretty interesting elements and Andon did a wonderful job overseeing all of the unique features my wife wanted. Alan’s reputation is he stands behind his homes for years beyond the average builder. He continues to surprise us when little issues pop up he gets his trades back in to take a look. In the end we got the home we imagined, it was completed on time and believe it or not, Alan wrote us a significant cheque at the very end as he and David came in UNDER budget. The whole process was transparent and for us the trust factor is invaluable. We have recommended Andon to close friends who have chosen them as well – so yes we HAVE recommended them and will continue to do so.