“I had personally witnessed the very high level of detail and quality of workmanship”


I had known Alan in a professional capacity for over five years prior to purchasing our home (and he was instrumental in assisting us to obtain our ideal location). I had personally witnessed the very high level of detail and quality of workmanship of an Andon Fine Home at various stages of their projects and was always extremely impressed! Andon was always our first choice in luxury home builders. When we made our purchase, we needed to determine whether we would build a completely new home or embark on a full, wall-to-wall, custom renovation of the existing structure. Having decided to renovate, the Andon team lead us through the entire planning project. As first time home buyers completing a full home renovation, they truly guided us through the process. From the initial design process and obtaining all of the necessary permits, to the various stages of the renovation work and all the final finishing decisions, we were always involved (as much or as little as we desired). Alan and his Andon team made what some people warned may be a stressful process, a very relaxed and smooth experience. Our home was finished on time and within budget. Our custom renovation allowed us to maintain the existing warm exterior nature of our home that characterizes our neighborhood, while allowing us to have all the items of our desired interior layout. We love our home and regularly get compliments from our family, friends and new neighbours. I highly recommend Alan and his Andon team to anyone that is considering building or renovating their family home.