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March 10, 2013

I had been looking for a new home in Toronto for about two months when I happened upon an ad in the paper for an
Andon model home viewing. I had not heard any specifics about the company but added the house to my list for that day.
When I first saw the home, I was struck by the exterior of the home. It was impressive and quite commanding. Everything
from the stone exterior and front entrance to the copper rain gutters bespoke quality. The quality theme continued
when I entered – everything from the fireplaces, crown molding, bathrooms, kitchen finishes, pot lighting, hardwood
flooring, doors, drawers and associated hardware, the list goes on – all were of excellent quality and finish. What was
more impressive was the layout and sight lines throughout the home. To me, the place had “good air” – a term I use to
characterize the feeling one gets when entering a space that feels good due to the synergy of all design elements. Soon
thereafter I took possession of the home and am pleased to say that the pleasant experience continues. Andon is a builder
that clearly takes pride in its work. They are attentive to detail and bend over backwards to satisfy their customers. It’s
rare to find a company that not only builds a quality product but pays attention to customers after the sale. I would not
hesitate to buy another Andon home and would highly recommend them to any home purchaser.


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