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December 10, 2011

Our search for a home in the Mid-Town Toronto area went on for about a year without seeing anything that suited us.
The quality of workmanship and attractiveness of the homes available in our price range was certainly a disappointment.
During our search, we came across a number of homes built, or under construction, by Andon Fine Homes but
unfortunately for us they were already sold. Through friends in the area we learned of Andon’s reputation for quality. It
was not our intention to build but we called Alan anyway. After viewing a newly completed Andon home, we came to the
decision that it was worth the wait to build. Alan found an ideal property, negotiated on our behalf and led us through
the steps of planning, acquiring permits and building our home. Alan has an eye for design that suited our tastes very
well, with plenty of attention to detail and quality finishing’s. It has been three years since we completed construction and
moved into our home and we are very happy. We recommend Andon to anyone who, like us, is particular about quality
and aesthetics (inside and out).

Dave and Marsha

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