“The quality is excellent, and we could not be more satisfied.”


We moved into our dream home in July 2019, and we have been enjoying it every day for 8 months since. My wife and I sought out several builders when embarking on this major project. We both have busy schedules and wanted someone who could deliver a quality home, at a reasonable price, and also on time. Most important we considered when making a decision, not only must we evaluate if the builder is qualified, but one you can trust. This is a huge factor as there are many facets to building a home. As payments were required, there was always the concern during the process, will this work out. Alan proved to be a straightforward individual and about as honest as they come. Trust helps the process go much smoother. Another important attribute is to “do what you say”, and Alan did exactly that. Everything he stated was accurate, and he delivered what he said he would. Prior to construction for transparency purposes, Alan set up a bank account so we could monitor all the expenses. We received every bill that tied into the disbursements from the account. This was beneficial because it helped give us comfort in keeping us informed that the financial costs were on budget. Alan also helped us big time as the mill work in our home was extensive. We had a quote which looked high from another source which was not from Andon. Alan came to the rescue. He put us in touch with his contact, and the savings were astounding. The quality is excellent, and we could not be more satisfied. Our experience went from great to great. We were introduced to David Cooper the V.P. of Construction once the contract was signed. Our experience was headache free. We found that David works relentlessly answering questions around the clock, and nothing we had concerns about went unanswered. Alan’s demeanor of honesty and integrity must cascade to his entire team, and the people he chooses to work with. We also have the highest regard for David, and he worked with us every step of the way. His interest was that of satisfying the client, the client, and the client, and that is so rare. He didn’t cut corners and did the job that was specified in the plans. He was always fair and professional in his conduct. Now as the project is winding down the best part is that Andon came in under budget, and we recently received a big cheque back. Rarely does this happen. I attribute it to Alan and David doing everything possible in the interest of the client. Many construction companies can do a job, but can they build a quality home at the right price? Can you also trust them to work in your best interest, which is a combination we would consider not every organization can do. If you are looking to build a new home or make refurbishments to your existing dwelling, we highly recommend Andon to make that happen. Good luck, and you will be making the right choice by going with Andon Fine Homes and making your dream home come true.