“We were very impressed and happy to see that what Andon quoted matched reality”


After months and months of looking for a new home we came to the conclusion that the only way we would get what we wanted would be to custom build our house. After contacting most of the custom builders the only one that left any impression was Andon Fine Homes. The other builders either did not reply to our request and questions or gave some generic response with no thought. When we contacted Andon we immediately received a response from Alan Newton the owner who invited us to see a home he was currently building. He took us through the quality, the process, his philosophy on design and it completely matched our own. Alan helped us in all aspects of the process, including finding an amazing lot. His site supervisor, David, was always there during the construction. If something was not to our satisfaction David and Alan would address immediately. Even post construction David and Alan would immediately address all concerns. Alan also linked us with the designer he works with. Heather was an absolute joy to work with and really helped put the personal touch on our home. We were very worried about was how realistic the quote would be from a budget perspective. We were very impressed and happy to see that what Andon quoted matched reality, and any price variations were due to enhancements we specifically requested. Unfortunately work is taking us away from Toronto and we have just sold our house. The comments from the top agents coming through the house have been incredible, they included: “So tasteful.” “Exquisite Finishes.” “Most Beautiful House.” “This is something else.” “The Sellers’ taste is extraordinary.” “The Workmanship Unbelievable.” “Nicely Done.” “You can tell the Sellers built it for themselves.” “A Showpiece.” We would highly recommend Andon Fine Homes to everyone who was looking to custom build their own home.