“Their service department is top notch”

We purchased an already completed Andon home a little over 2 years ago. The home was built for another family and luckily for us, they put it up for sale after its completion. As soon as we saw the property we knew it was the home that we were looking for. We loved the open concept floor plan as well as the finishings. Andon Fine Homes builds a beautifully detailed home from top to bottom. Their service department is top notch as well.

Sherry and Jeff Nightengale

“The quality of finishing throughout the house is amazing”

We choose Andon as a partner in building our home because they had already worked with family members who had a fantastic experience. When it came to building our new home we didn’t know what to expect except that there would be surprises so choosing the right builder was a critical decision. With Andon we had a partner that helped us along the way giving us an amazing house and peace of mind. David and Alan were amazing for the entire process, including well after we had moved in. Their organization and experienced trades gave us confidence that the end product would be great and they definitely delivered. The quality of finishing throughout the house is amazing and we feel so lucky to have worked with them every time a guest compliments our home. They were able to get us into the house ahead of our hard deadline (two weeks before our baby was born!) and under budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends and would definitely work with them again.

Mike and Emma

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andon to anyone looking for a new home.”

We found our dream home already constructed by Andon Fine Homes. We wanted to make some slight adjustments to make this home our own, and Andon was so easy to work with. The lines of communication were always open and things got done in a timely manner. They accommodated all of our requests and went beyond the call of duty, offering additional service long after we purchased our home. They provided us with contacts so we could move ahead and do some additional things to our home after Andon’s job was complete. We have been in our home since June 2000. We have been so thrilled with the design, layout and beautiful finishings. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andon to anyone looking for a new home.


“Our home was completed on time and on budget.”

We had been impressed by many of the homes that Andon Fines Homes had built in our midtown Toronto neighbourhood and when we decided to build our own home we looked to Andon for assistance. Alan and his team helped us create the perfect design, assisted in the Committee of Adjustment rezoning process and obtained all necessary permits. We found the management team to be very organized, helpful and honest and their attention to detail was second to none. Our home was completed on time and on budget. We have now been living in our home for about 3 years and Andon has always been available for after sales service. We are very pleased with our home and would highly recommend Andon Fine Homes to anyone considering a new build.

Jeff and Lynn

“Our home turned out beautiful and has everything we imagined.”

When we decided to take the leap of building our own custom home, we were both excited and scared. We knew nothing about the process and what to expect. When we met with Alan, we were given a breakdown of what to expect and the process going forward. It was then that we knew we were in good hands as everything was communicated and explained thoroughly. Throughout the build process they were with us at every stage and guided us through until completion. The build process had even finished ahead of schedule which shows just how precise and how well executed the process was. Alan and David were excellent at answering my questions, this level of service put us at ease during the whole process. Our home turned out beautiful and has everything we imagined. We would like to thank the whole Andon team for a smooth and flawless build from start to finish.

Eddie Kuo

“For those of you who are looking to build your own custom home, I would put your trust in Andon.”

Our friends and family compliment us on the look and flow of our house all the time. Customer service is something that Andon takes great pride in. Alan was always available to make sure the job is complete and to our personal satisfaction. Our home was ready on time and I feel an Andon home has only added value to our friendly neighbourhood. For those of you who are looking to build your own custom home, I would put your trust in Andon.


“We knew that when we were ready to build our dream home, Andon would be the one to build it”

When it became clear Andon Fine Homes was going to build a house on our street, we immediately knew we wanted it. Having visited several newly completed Andon built homes over the years, we knew that when we were ready to build our dream home, Andon would be the one to build it. We have only ever lived in new builds and we appreciate the fine detail and superior craftsmanship of an Andon Fine Home. Most importantly, it was the warm comfortable feeling we experienced when walking through Andon houses that convinced us they should build our forever home. Alan and the Andon team assisted us in bringing our vision to fruition. They guided us through the design process, Committee of Adjustments and were amenable to all of our requirements. We now enjoy that warm comfortable feeling every day.

Anne Grittani and David Livingston

“Thank you for doing such a great job on our second Andon home”

We are pleased to have recently taken possession of our new Andon home and want to thank you for doing such a great job on our second Andon home. The process that led us back to Andon involved a great deal of research and consideration. In evaluating alternatives we spoke with an architect, various design build contractors, we searched for re-sale homes and in the end we decided on a second home from you for several reasons. Firstly, we were very pleased with the space, finishings and quality of our previous Andon home. We knew from experience you stand behind your work and look after the inevitable problems that arise following possession. Your designs offer something extra that others don’t seem to match. We knew from experience that the resale value would be good. Since we moved in, we are pleased with our decision. It is a great home for entertaining friends and is comfortable for everyday living.

Gord and Mary Ann

“Choosing Andon was an easy decision for us”

Buying and building a new house can be a daunting task but everyone at Andon made the process a smooth and stress-free one. Choosing Andon was an easy decision for us because they focus on an area of the city that we love and we were very impressed with the other Andon homes that have been built in the neighbourhood. During each phase of building the house, we were able to get as involved as we wanted but also took great comfort knowing that with Andon’s attention to detail, the house would turn out beautifully even if we were less hands on. We tended to take an active role and were able to customize significant aspects of the project from building a smaller house than was previously planned for the site to tweaking the new design and finishings to our specific requirements. The house fits in beautifully with the neighborhood and is a source of constant compliments from everyone that sees it.

Ken and Tracy

“We have recommended Andon to several friends over the years and will continue to do so.”

We have owned an Andon house for the past five years. We bought our house after looking at many new homes over the space of nine months. At the time that we were making our decision as to which house to purchase, our real estate agent spoke very highly of Alan’s attention to detail and after-sale service. Our agent’s recommendation has proven to be very accurate. Andon understands the Cricket Club area and the features that potential purchasers are looking for in a home. They also understand the importance of customer service and work hard to maintain their reputation as builders of good homes. We have recommended Andon to several friends over the years and will continue to do so.

Names withheld on request

“We have been very happy with the home Andon built for us.”

We first became acquainted with Andon Fine Homes when they built a home beside our old home on Joicey Blvd. We were impressed with the quality of the house they built and also of Andon’s concern for us as neighbors of a new build. As a result when it came time for us to build a new home we thought of Andon. It turned out it was an excellent choice. We have been very happy with the home Andon built for us. The home is very well built. We bought the home after the actual construction had started, yet Andon was very flexible in changing the plans to customize it to our own personal taste. The home was completed when promised (on budget) and since completion the service has been excellent. Andon has taken care of any issues we had with the house and in my opinion gone beyond what other builders provide to ensure our complete satisfaction. We are very happy with our new Andon home and would have no hesitation recommending Andon Fine Homes to anyone else considering a new custom built home.

Scott & Jean

“I had personally witnessed the very high level of detail and quality of workmanship”

I had known Alan in a professional capacity for over five years prior to purchasing our home (and he was instrumental in assisting us to obtain our ideal location). I had personally witnessed the very high level of detail and quality of workmanship of an Andon Fine Home at various stages of their projects and was always extremely impressed! Andon was always our first choice in luxury home builders. When we made our purchase, we needed to determine whether we would build a completely new home or embark on a full, wall-to-wall, custom renovation of the existing structure. Having decided to renovate, the Andon team lead us through the entire planning project. As first time home buyers completing a full home renovation, they truly guided us through the process. From the initial design process and obtaining all of the necessary permits, to the various stages of the renovation work and all the final finishing decisions, we were always involved (as much or as little as we desired). Alan and his Andon team made what some people warned may be a stressful process, a very relaxed and smooth experience. Our home was finished on time and within budget. Our custom renovation allowed us to maintain the existing warm exterior nature of our home that characterizes our neighborhood, while allowing us to have all the items of our desired interior layout. We love our home and regularly get compliments from our family, friends and new neighbours. I highly recommend Alan and his Andon team to anyone that is considering building or renovating their family home.

Craig and Victoria

“Andon’s attention to detail and quality continue to impress us”

We had been looking for a number of years for just the right house in the neighborhood. We wanted a modern, loft-style main floor layout to expand our living space for ourselves and for entertaining. Having spent countless days and months trekking through many new and older homes, it became clear that our preference was for the fine quality finishings and warm, family feeling we encountered in an Andon Home. We had all but given up our search, convinced only by our patient realtor to ‘just see this house’. We were hesitant even walking up the front stairs, despite the beautiful exterior of the building. Walking in changed everything. We knew within minutes of entering we had found our house! We have owned our Andon Home for over 2 years now and enjoy it with our family and friends. Andon’s attention to detail and quality continue to impress us, and bring us many compliments.


“I constantly receive compliments from passers by.”

When I was ready to build on my property, I asked many of my friends and relatives to recommend a builder. I already had plans designed by an architect and was ready to go. I saw an Andon Fine Homes sign on another property down the street from me. The home they were building was very impressive and I knew I had to speak with them. I have always loved the charm and quaintness of an older home and Andon was very accommodating in making my home feel that way. They guided me through the construction process and quality was never compromised. My house was built on time and within budget. I constantly receive compliments from passers by. I would highly recommend Alan and the Andon Fine Homes team to anyone wishing to build their next home.

Name withheld by request

“The excellent layout, luxurious finishes and exquisite craftsmanship continue to elicit high compliments from family and friends”

We discovered Alan Newton of Andon Fine Homes when we were in the process of finding a new home. Andon was in the later stages of building the house that we purchased during construction. We were easily able to work with Andon to complete the finishings and their high service level even conveniently included touches such as receipt and installation of our appliances. Most importantly, the house was completed when they promised and we were able to move in on time. Andon created a layout that we are very happy with. The house flows beautifully and lends itself very well to entertaining. Quality is very important to us and Andon provides nothing but the finest quality finishings. The excellent layout, luxurious finishes and exquisite craftsmanship continue to elicit high compliments from family and friends; it truly evokes everything we embody in terms of fine lifestyle, comfort, and practicality. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andon Fine Homes to anyone looking to build their new dream home.


“Andon is a builder that clearly takes pride in its work.”

I had been looking for a new home in Toronto for about two months when I happened upon an ad in the paper for an Andon model home viewing. I had not heard any specifics about the company but added the house to my list for that day. When I first saw the home, I was struck by the exterior of the home. It was impressive and quite commanding. Everything from the stone exterior and front entrance to the copper rain gutters bespoke quality. The quality theme continued when I entered – everything from the fireplaces, crown molding, bathrooms, kitchen finishes, pot lighting, hardwood flooring, doors, drawers and associated hardware, the list goes on – all were of excellent quality and finish. What was more impressive was the layout and sight lines throughout the home. To me, the place had “good air” – a term I use to characterize the feeling one gets when entering a space that feels good due to the synergy of all design elements. Soon thereafter I took possession of the home and am pleased to say that the pleasant experience continues. Andon is a builder that clearly takes pride in its work. They are attentive to detail and bend over backwards to satisfy their customers. It’s rare to find a company that not only builds a quality product but pays attention to customers after the sale. I would not hesitate to buy another Andon home and would highly recommend them to any home purchaser.


“The Andon team was professional, easy to work with, and honest with us from day one.”

After searching for several months, meetingseveral agents, and attending several open houses without muchluck we decided to build our home. Given Andon’s history and strong reputation in our neighborhood, theywere easily our first choice. We met with Alan and were shown a model home as well as some of their recentbuilds. We were very impressed with not only the construction quality and great detail that went into theirhomes, but also the intelligent layout that we felt separated them from all the other homes we had seen. Theteam was professional, easy to work with, and honest with us from day one. Alan and David always have, andstill do, make themselves available to address any and all questions and concerns turning a potentiallyfrustrating experience into an exciting project. Andon deliveredthe finished project on budget and on time.Our expectations were exceeded and we would definitely recommend Andon without hesitation!

Taken from Houzz – Bam and Milan Perak

“We are quite sure that we found the BEST BUILDER for our house”

We were out of the country when we purchased a property to build on. Searching on the Internet, we found Andon Fine Homes. Alan Newton of Andon replied promptly and satisfied all our queries. Alan is meticulous in his work and he gave us all the appropriate information regarding cost and the process. The builder has to co-ordinate with the Surveyor, Architect and a large number of trades and to wait for the Building Permit to be issued. Alan with the daily assistance of David followed the process step by step. With a large number of specialized trades working on the house, it is laudable that the process was completed to our satisfaction, in a timely manner and on budget. We are quite sure that we found the BEST BUILDER for our house.

Andy and Grace Marshall

“We would recommend Andon Fine Homes to any one looking to do a renovation or build a new home.”

Alan & the Andon Fine Homes team have been just terrific! Alan helped us locate a property and guided us through the permitting process. If there was a question or issue, Alan was able to provide options and realistic alternatives for us to consider. Once we received all the permits, the Andon team built our dream house ON TIME and ON BUDGET! What more can we say? We chose Andon Fine Homes because of the quality and warmth of the homes as well as the attention to details. Alan, David and the rest of the Andon team were helpful, patient and upfront with every aspect of the construction. We were very happy with the service and the end product. We would recommend Andon Fine Homes to any one looking to do a renovation or build a new home.

Susan and Henry

“It was not our intention to build but we called Alan anyway”

Our search for a home in the Mid-Town Toronto area went on for about a year without seeing anything that suited us. The quality of workmanship and attractiveness of the homes available in our price range was certainly a disappointment. During our search, we came across a number of homes built, or under construction, by Andon Fine Homes but unfortunately for us they were already sold. Through friends in the area we learned of Andon’s reputation for quality. It was not our intention to build but we called Alan anyway. After viewing a newly completed Andon home, we came to the decision that it was worth the wait to build. Alan found an ideal property, negotiated on our behalf and led us through the steps of planning, acquiring permits and building our home. Alan has an eye for design that suited our tastes very well, with plenty of attention to detail and quality finishing’s. It has been three years since we completed construction and moved into our home and we are very happy. We recommend Andon to anyone who, like us, is particular about quality and aesthetics (inside and out).

Dave and Marsha

“Our house is outstanding”

Choosing a builder was one of the most important decisions that we have made. After meeting with several builders, we chose Andon Fine Homes. From the initial interview through to the completion of the construction, we had a wonderful experience with Andon Fine Homes. From start to finish, the process was very smooth. Alan Newton worked very closely with us to help customize our home and his experience, recommendations and input was priceless. We could not be happier with the end results. Our house is outstanding. Each phase of the building process was done professionally, on time and within our budget. We were very impressed with the professionalism and analytical abilities of Andon’s staff. They always promoted a team effort which included all of their sub-contractors and trades. They were always proactive when any minor issues arose and were never defensive. In conclusion, we would say the quality of service offered was excellent and we would certainly use their professional construction services again.

Duygu & Gokhan

“It is now 9 years later and the house still looks & feels like it’s brand new”

When we decided to build our dream home, we chose Andon as our builder after meeting with other builders. Andon had built quality homes on almost every street in our mid town neighbourhood and we were very impressed with the quality, workmanship and close attention to detail in their homes. Our home was designed and built by Andon specifically to our needs and wishes. Alan was wonderful to collaborate with, even with last minute changes and overhaul. Andon delivered our dream home within our budgeted price and on time with no delays. It is now 9 years later and the house still looks & feels like it’s brand new and its quality is definitely a testament of time. We would definitely recommend Andon as a wonderful custom home builder & renovator.

Angie Ng

“He kept us within our budget, and got us back into our house ahead of schedule.”

Sadly, when we purchased our home, we were not aware of many issues that came with our property. After several years of living in the house we began our plans for a complete gut, renovation and addition. We interviewed several builders and were quite shocked how long it took them to respond to a simple request, or provide information. We decided to meet with the Andon team. We are so happy we did! We had several conversations with the Andon team about our expectations, and how important it was for us to stay within our budget. David was great to work with. He would respond to our emails in a timely and efficient manner. If something was not right, David would speak to the trades and have it rectified. He was available to us and made us feel that our job was important and our expectations were met. He kept us within our budget, and got us back into our house ahead of schedule. Not everything always runs smoothly, but David, and his team were able to manage the situations and they were always professional and respectful with everyone from their trades, suppliers and clients. Andon was also able to supply us with a detailed budget so we knew exactly what our costs would be. We highly recommend Andon and we are VERY happy with the home they created for our family.

Amanda and Simon Miller

“Alan was always available throughout the building process”

Shortly after hiring our architect, we hired Andon to build our new home. We had received positive feedback from another Andon home owner. Andon did not disappoint. Alan came to most of our meetings with the architect. He knew our scope and budget and gave fabulous input to the design and layout that would fit with our budget. Originally we were going to top up the bungalow we owned but with Alan’s insight, we decided to do a full demolition and build a brand new home as it would give us a better footprint and house. Building a new home was the best decision we could have made. Alan was always available throughout the building process. Everyone warns you that building a home or renovating a home is a tedious and miserable job. Not with Andon. The build year was an easy transition and beat our expectations. Andon delivered our dream home considerably under budget. Once the build started, we worked with David who was our project manager. He was always accessible and patient throughout the whole process. Even after we moved in, the little things that come up are always addressed by Andon. Andon will always be our first choice for renovating or building. It was a pleasure to work with the Andon Team day in and day out during our year of construction. We highly recommend Andon.

Joni and Lawrence Adelberg

“We are extremely happy with our new home and wouldn’t change a thing”

Most people want to know two things about our building process; was it on time and on budget. We can answer “yes” to both. The budget prepared by Alan at Andon Fine Homes, and the review process with us, was thorough, detailed and accurate. The time and effort that Alan and his team invested in our specific project before construction began was critical in contributing to its success. There were no budgetary surprises during our build. The construction of our home went smoothly and was on schedule because of the team at Andon and their commitment, knowledge and ability to engage quality trades. During construction, the availability and communication with our onsite manager David was excellent. He also made sure that we were prepared with our decisions to keep the project on track. We are extremely happy with our new home and wouldn’t change a thing. Our confidence in Andon – their experience and professionalism – allowed us to enjoy the exciting and rewarding experience of building our own home. We highly recommend Andon as a builder and would happily work with them again.

Andrew and Ingrid Callum

“They were always there to support us.”

When we decided to build a house we interviewed six builders. We met with Alan Newton from Andon several times during this process of due diligence. In the end we felt Alan had an edge (beyond the quality of the work he showed us and the references he had) over the others in how personable and easy he was to deal with – as we later found out, this extends to his whole team. Early on we conveyed to him that our key requirement – beyond quality workmanship, reliability, and controlling the budget – was that our builder would always make sure to defend our interests, not that of the sub trades (we had a poor previous experience with this issue with a different builder). We give Andon, and all their staff top marks on all these metrics. The quality of Andon’s work is very high – we have had uniformly positive comments from friends, neighbours (everybody on the street has admired and complimented us on the house), family, and real estate Agents about the luxury quality of our new house and the attention to detail. Alan’s team makes the construction process, which can be daunting, seamless, trouble free, and even enjoyable. They were always there to support us. The follow-up (after construction) related to any minor “deficiencies” (which are normal for a new built house) has been nothing but heroic – special mention goes to David and Cody for their patience and tireless attention to detail in following all issues, during and after construction, to their conclusion. We have happily answered questions from, and even hosted prospective Andon clients in our house, because we are very confident in promoting Alan, his team, and Andon’s services. The Andon team lived up to their promises and produced a beautiful home for us. We are happy to strongly endorse Andon Fine Homes and his team. Sincere thanks to Alan, David and Cody.

Glen & Cindy Ollers

“We were very impressed and happy to see that what Andon quoted matched reality”

After months and months of looking for a new home we came to the conclusion that the only way we would get what we wanted would be to custom build our house. After contacting most of the custom builders the only one that left any impression was Andon Fine Homes. The other builders either did not reply to our request and questions or gave some generic response with no thought. When we contacted Andon we immediately received a response from Alan Newton the owner who invited us to see a home he was currently building. He took us through the quality, the process, his philosophy on design and it completely matched our own. Alan helped us in all aspects of the process, including finding an amazing lot. His site supervisor, David, was always there during the construction. If something was not to our satisfaction David and Alan would address immediately. Even post construction David and Alan would immediately address all concerns. Alan also linked us with the designer he works with. Heather was an absolute joy to work with and really helped put the personal touch on our home. We were very worried about was how realistic the quote would be from a budget perspective. We were very impressed and happy to see that what Andon quoted matched reality, and any price variations were due to enhancements we specifically requested. Unfortunately work is taking us away from Toronto and we have just sold our house. The comments from the top agents coming through the house have been incredible, they included: “So tasteful.” “Exquisite Finishes.” “Most Beautiful House.” “This is something else.” “The Sellers’ taste is extraordinary.” “The Workmanship Unbelievable.” “Nicely Done.” “You can tell the Sellers built it for themselves.” “A Showpiece.” We would highly recommend Andon Fine Homes to everyone who was looking to custom build their own home.

Tim and Guylaine Cantin-Vincent

“we LOVE our new home”

We hired Andon to tear down the home we had lived in for over 20 years, and rebuild a home that was completely designed for our taste and lifestyle. We have had so many compliments on our house, and most importantly , we LOVE our new home. My husband and I find ourselves saying, almost daily, what a great house we ended up with. And the process was relatively painless. Andon’s team was there from the beginning, helping us obtain permits and work with the neighbors, they helped us hire an architect, designer (who was fabulous) and landscaper (again, fabulous). David, who was the project manager on our home, kept things running smoothly, and worked hard to complete the project and time, and under budget. I would have no hesitation recommending Andon for any rebuild or renovation projects.

Wendy Milne

“It was that professional and businesslike approach that we found most impressive.”

Our experience with Andon has been overwhelmingly positive. It started with our first meeting with Alan. He brought creative solutions to some difficult parts of our project and demonstrated a vision and commitment to excellence we had not encountered before. With Alan’s help and experience we developed a realistic budget which included items we had not considered but that we had to address. Every project has unexpected challenges, but Andon handled ours calmly and professionally. It was that professional and businesslike approach that we found most impressive. The detailed monthly statements prepared by Andon allowed us to track our budgeted expenditures and all extras. Andon delivered our project on time and under budget. There were no surprises. It is one thing to have great ideas, quite another to turn those ideas into a beautiful home. If we were to renovate again, Andon would be our first choice.

Diana Moffat

“Andon SAVED our house”

My wife Cara and I were one week into construction of our “New Build” and found we had unethical issues with the builder we had contracted and had to seek out another builder to help SAVE US. We were stuck picking up the pieces with a half demolished house. We immediately called Alan from Andon Fine Homes who had been highly recommended by our designer. We met with Alan and contracted Andon and their team to SAVE US from the mess we found ourselves in. Not only did Alan assess the situation in a calming and calculated manner, he managed to take control of existing trades with ease, implement and transition them within his trades seamlessly, and manage to do this without losing any time. Moreover, Alan and his team at Andon provided insight on how to improve the structure, make additions to the facade, change and innovate the floor plan design, etc. The list goes on; we even added a second furnace and managed to carve it from existing laundry room space, reducing the amount of duct work, and improving the overall air quality!! We can easily say that our experience is one we share, with sincere adoration, for how Andon SAVED our house, improved on the existing design and gave us full confidence in them each and every step of the way. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for a trustworthy builder – They’ll build your dream FOREVER home just like they did for us! Thanks again, Alan, and everyone at Andon for being a part of this journey.

Elliot & Cara Falovitch

“Candor, straightforwardness, professionalism and the clarity of the process”

Making a decision to pick a builder to build your dream home is not an easy one. We must have contacted or interviewed 15 different builders before making the decision and trusting Andon Fine Homes to build our house. I liked Alan from the get go for his candor, straightforwardness, professionalism and the clarity of the process which he was able to articulate so well. The reference checks from previous clients later confirmed that our initial impressions were correct. Now that the project is complete and we have moved into our new house (end of 2018), if one asks what are some of the things that we liked about Alan and his Andon team, I’d like to articulate them as below:

  • Alan and his team and in particular David, made the whole process enjoyable and headache free for us.
  • Alan and David listened to us and worked to turn our vision into reality. While construction may inevitably have surprises, they would address them in a timely fashion and everyone at Andon was always easy to work with.
  • Their trades are very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, respectful and produce quality work.
  • Alan and his team delivered the house on time and SUBSTANTIALLY UNDER BUDGET, always maintaining a total financial transparency. We received a monthly accounting of the money we paid into the project, where it’s going, who gets paid and for what. They returned to us, the balance of the money which was left in our account at the end of the project.
  • It’s now 10 months since we have moved in & any issues have always been dealt with promptly and efficiently.

We are so happy that we chose Andon Fine Homes and would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reputable builder who insists on quality workmanship and who stands behind his words. We want to sincerely thank Alan, David and the entire Andon team for the excellent work they did for us. Kudos and keep it up.

Adi & Sonila Salillari

“The quality is excellent, and we could not be more satisfied.”

We moved into our dream home in July 2019, and we have been enjoying it every day for 8 months since. My wife and I sought out several builders when embarking on this major project. We both have busy schedules and wanted someone who could deliver a quality home, at a reasonable price, and also on time. Most important we considered when making a decision, not only must we evaluate if the builder is qualified, but one you can trust. This is a huge factor as there are many facets to building a home. As payments were required, there was always the concern during the process, will this work out. Alan proved to be a straightforward individual and about as honest as they come. Trust helps the process go much smoother. Another important attribute is to “do what you say”, and Alan did exactly that. Everything he stated was accurate, and he delivered what he said he would. Prior to construction for transparency purposes, Alan set up a bank account so we could monitor all the expenses. We received every bill that tied into the disbursements from the account. This was beneficial because it helped give us comfort in keeping us informed that the financial costs were on budget. Alan also helped us big time as the mill work in our home was extensive. We had a quote which looked high from another source which was not from Andon. Alan came to the rescue. He put us in touch with his contact, and the savings were astounding. The quality is excellent, and we could not be more satisfied. Our experience went from great to great. We were introduced to David Cooper the V.P. of Construction once the contract was signed. Our experience was headache free. We found that David works relentlessly answering questions around the clock, and nothing we had concerns about went unanswered. Alan’s demeanor of honesty and integrity must cascade to his entire team, and the people he chooses to work with. We also have the highest regard for David, and he worked with us every step of the way. His interest was that of satisfying the client, the client, and the client, and that is so rare. He didn’t cut corners and did the job that was specified in the plans. He was always fair and professional in his conduct. Now as the project is winding down the best part is that Andon came in under budget, and we recently received a big cheque back. Rarely does this happen. I attribute it to Alan and David doing everything possible in the interest of the client. Many construction companies can do a job, but can they build a quality home at the right price? Can you also trust them to work in your best interest, which is a combination we would consider not every organization can do. If you are looking to build a new home or make refurbishments to your existing dwelling, we highly recommend Andon to make that happen. Good luck, and you will be making the right choice by going with Andon Fine Homes and making your dream home come true.

Ralph & Sharon Goldfinger

“Questions we asked were answered in a straightforward manner.”

My wife and I were faced with the dilemma of tearing down our existing home and rebuilding from scratch, or a large scale renovation of the existing residence. We interviewed many contractors and we found it very difficult to find one that we could trust to execute a project of such a large scope. The experience with Alan Newton and Andon was very different from day one. Alan, walked us through the pros and cons of renovating our existing home versus rebuilding. He provided us with a clear “scope of work” document that describes the work that would be performed and a tentative project budget that in hindsight, very accurately approximated the project costs. Andon has a very reasonable payment structure where payments are due on the completion of milestones. Questions we asked were answered in a straightforward manner. Alan, earned our trust which is why we decided to proceed with Andon.

We met the rest of the Andon team after the contract was signed. We were particularly impressed with Rob, who was our project manager and main point of contact. I cannot say enough about how professional and responsive Rob was. He would answer questions day or night. He demonstrated his attention to detail throughout the entire project. I remember the care he took ensuring little finishes like the house numbering and towel racks were perfectly level and aligned. As expected during a large renovation, our scope expanded because several unforeseen complications arose and because we decided to tack on extras during construction. Rob handled deviations from the original plan calmly and was consistently well organized in engaging the right experts, articulating alternatives, estimating costs and limiting the impact to the schedule. It has been a year since the project completed and we moved back into our home. Usually after a major project, you expect a handful of lingering issues for things that did not get done quite right. We have had few issues which is a testament to Andon’s quality and workmanship. We get frequent compliments from our friends about how great our home looks from the outside and how luxurious it is on the inside. For the items in the initial scope of work, Andon actually came in under budget. Andon’s transparency and timeliness with costs and expenses reports ensured we kept track of how much the project was costing. Thank you Andon.

Beth Seo & Kevin Rose

“The whole process was transparent and for us the trust factor is invaluable”

When my wife and I made the decision to tear down our old home and build a new one, we set out to find a builder we could trust to manage the process for us. We had no experience building a home, we led a busy life with 4 kids and didn’t have time to attempt to manage the process either. We researched a number of different approaches and talked to many different home owners who had recently been through the process. We were introduced to Alan by a neighbourhood handyman who had seen many homes that Andon had built over the years and was always impressed with their quality and durability. We talked to a variety of references and spent time with Alan reviewing his process. We found Alan’s approach the most financially transparent and “above board” and he promised to own managing the process from start to finish as well as standing behind it long after the keys were handed over. One of things that really impressed us were their trade references. Many of the trades we spoke to had been working with Alan for a decade or more and only had good things to say about their relationship. We assumed that happy trades make for good construction. We were not disappointed. When issues popped up – and they will – David and Alan dealt with them. My wife had designed some pretty interesting elements and Andon did a wonderful job overseeing all of the unique features my wife wanted. Alan’s reputation is he stands behind his homes for years beyond the average builder. He continues to surprise us when little issues pop up he gets his trades back in to take a look. In the end we got the home we imagined, it was completed on time and believe it or not, Alan wrote us a significant cheque at the very end as he and David came in UNDER budget. The whole process was transparent and for us the trust factor is invaluable. We have recommended Andon to close friends who have chosen them as well – so yes we HAVE recommended them and will continue to do so.

Bill and Barb Di Nardo